Solar Strive

Together we can brake emissions!

Our mission is to fill the needs of the carbon-conscious homeowner as well as facilitate the adoption of commercial-scale projects for businesses and the community.

To raise awareness and support for consuming renewable energy first. Recognizing the obligation we have to maximize the efficiency of power production while still minimizing the negative impact of our actions. To greatest benefit the planet by integrating new technology and embracing all forms of collaboration.

A collective action company driven to improve the understanding of solar panel systems. The rapid adoption of clean energy resources necessary to sustain our planet can be met with modern strategies. We’re focused on the prospecting, planning and installation of solar panels in northern Virginia, DC & Maryland.

Bountiful resources

Take advantage of recent gains in technology and expansion of jobs in the solar industry to install a system now that is more cost efficient than ever before.

Unused space is waste

Learn how to maximize the efficiency of your energy consumption and earn by investing in power producing assets.

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We manage the whole process

From the first visit to the final switch

Monitoring and Guarentees

Our arrays come backed by 10 year workmanship guarantee and 25 year manufacturer warranty.  Each panel can be remotely monitored using an app on your smart phone.

System Sizing

Making use of available space will impact the choice and arrangement of panels. Taking account of current energy consumption while preparing for the future.

Lifetime savings

Offsetting the carbon footprint is no longer the main motivator for converting to solar, rather we are charging ahead on the financial viability of storage and buy-back benefits.